About Us

Veteran/Family owned and operated, Natural Selection was established in 2016 near Fort Campbell, Kentucky by husband and wife partners - Alexander and Adriana

Natural Selection was originally established with a single vision in mind: create a healthy alternative to traditional “fast-food” restaurants. Starting from our home kitchen, we began preparing meals for our fellow service-members with busy schedules and very little time to spare. Within a short amount of time, it became apparent that the community wanted and needed healthier options. This led to the establishment of Natural Selection Meal Preps in December 2016.

Since then we have expanded what we provide beyond meal preparation to include fresh-pressed juice, all-natural smoothies, and much more. However, our recent, and most exciting discovery has been CBD and the benefits it has had for us and those in our community.

CBD is proving itself as being one of the most natural ways to manage pain, anxiety, and so much more - it has personally changed our lives and improved the lives of many whom we know, friends and family alike. This website was created as a way to educate, and also highlight some significant results of others. We hope our research-based findings and testimonies from real people can help others get the relief they require.

We envision a world where natural healing and a health-centric lifestyle take center-stage. Where we no longer depend on harsh pharmaceutical medications or unnatural methods to stay healthy. This is the world we will create, in our community, and every community that we can reach, because in the end - Nothing Beats Natural.